DC1 Restricted Key Systems by Hillside Mobile Locksmiths Adelaide

dc1-key-blankHillside Locksmiths offer high security restricted key systems to give you peace of mind that your home or business is protected and secure. Restricted Keying Systems provide legal protection against unauthorised duplication of keys. With a legally protected restricted keying system you have the security of knowing that additional keys to your premises cannot be produced without authorisation.

  • The benefits of installing a restricted key system are:
  • Keys can only be cut at Hillside Locksmiths
  • We hold records of all keys cut, allowing you to keep track of how many of each key has been issue
  • Without a signed letter or fax from your nominated authorised person we will not cut or issue keys.

Call Hillside Locksmiths today on 0423 106 880 for more information on how to better secure your premises. Take advantage of our free no obligation survey and find the restricted keys system that suits your individual circumstances.

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