ABUS 14 Security and lock system supplied and installed by Hillside Mobile Locksmiths Adelaide


System Y14

System Y14-Mobile Locksmiths Adelaide

Both Systems Y14 and XY14 share many common features such as:

Internal Key Stop

Stop PinThe special key stop offers extra copy protection technology. If the key stop groove does not correspond with the stop pin the key will not go in the lock far enough for the key to work.

Precision Angled Key Profile

Angled V profile

The angled key profile offers effective resistance to picking. The angled profile offers much higher key stability.

General Benefits

Complex locking through a 14 mm core offers greater system flexibility. Legal protection (Patent) gives "the good feeling of security". Six (6) to ten (10) locking elements. Durable key design through nickle silver keys.

System XY14

System XY14

Ideal for higher security requirements

XY14 offers a higher level of security with the use of passive side pins. Increasing the locking security and enhancing the master key possibilities. The addition of XY14 into existing Y14 systems gives future flexibility. Alternatively, a system can be entirely XY14. Allowing for larger systems with complex security needs right from the start.

XY Gives Improved security

The additional locking row makes manipulating the lock even more difficult Unauthorised copying of dimple cuts is extremely difficult. Up to 10 pins per cylinder provide optimum protection against side attack.Drilling protection from hard steel pins in cylinders.